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PalattaSolutions has over 20 years of experience collaborating with health professions faculty and learners. We specialize in helping leaders in health professions education discover solutions to optimize their academic and clinic program's performance by identifying key drivers in the system that are creating barriers to effectively cultivating a humanistic, inclusive, and future-ready environment.  

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Our Approach

 Have you spent countless hours and dollars  adjusting didactic and clinic schedules to  improve student learning and clinic efficiency  without achieving your desired impact?  PalattaSolutions focuses on the human issues  in  the system to bring about lasting long-term  change that solves the problems of faculty,  staff, and student burnout, resulting in greater  clinic efficiency and learning efficacy. 


Each project starts with an initial consultation to understand your challenges and goals, and to develop an assessment strategy. Next, during the discovery phase, we partner with your faculty to dive deeper into the academic and clinic system. We then work together to design programs to address blockages to effective learning and clinic efficiency, and to cultivate a humanistic environment. The result is a more positive and inclusive environment for faculty, staff and learners, and improved care and experience for our patients.


Programs can be short or long-term and may include elements of brain science, cognitive awareness, and clinic coaching. We also perform valid, reliable assessment of emotional and social functioning, general psychological well-being, and intercultural engagement. All these are essential competencies to becoming a person-centered healthcare provider.


How do we do this? By taking a systems approach to discover the root cause of dysfunction. Working side by side with your faculty and learners, we can bring change to your program and culture—enhance faculty performance, deepen learner engagement, and optimize the clinic environment.  All programs are personalized for the institution we collaborate with. We are also committed to ensuring those we work with will be able to continue these processes after our work has ended—leaving health professional schools with knowledge, skills and a positive attitude to continue moving forward.

        Institutional Wellbeing   Restorative Conflict Resolution/Community Building  Person-Centered Environment   Leadership Development 


Institutional Wellbeing

Humanistic culture and learning environments are characterized as collaborative, respectful, cooperative, and harmonious. Humanistic environments do not occur naturally—they require intention to create and sustain them. Let’s strategize together to identify competencies needed in your program to develop a positive environment in the didactic and clinic settings that will result in increased performance and overall wellbeing.

Restorative Conflict Resolution
and Community Building 

Professional identity skills and attributes such as listening to learn, developing empathy, understanding inclusion, active accountability, and addressing self awareness while embracing self compassion, are  "ways of being"  that learners,  faculty, staff and administration can develop in community building circles, a foundation of restorative justice. Conflicts can also be resolved by applying a restorative mindset. 

Let me help you lead the way.

Implement A Person-Centered Environment

Health professions and reimbursement models are pivoting to a patient/person-centered care approach to healthcare delivery. Advances in technology, combined with point of care data tools and increased patient engagement in their own health has opened the door for patient/person-centered care. Shared decision making and accountability resulting in reduced harm and improved patient satisfaction are the tenets of a patient/person-centered care environment. To meet this future, our learning environments must also be person-centered. Let’s identify areas in your curriculum and clinic that would benefit from a person-centered care approach and develop strategies that range from small incremental changes to building for the future by taking bold chances and making insightful decisions.


Leadership Development

Delivering healthcare education that is time and resource efficient, resulting in a positive and inclusive working environment  for all, depends on our ability to understand our current mindset and communication barriers. Let us collaborate with your faculty, staff, administration and learners to provide training on how to shift from an autonomous, risk adverse mindset to a collaborative and restorative mindset  that will prepare your community to become more self-aware, compassionate, and share accountability

Anthony Palatta, DDS, Ed.D, ACC

My 20 plus years of experience includes a decade in healthcare practice, 15 years as a health professions faculty and dean for admissions and student affairs at the largest dental school in the U.S., and nearly a decade as the Chief Learning Officer at one of the nation’s leading health professions education member organizations (ADEA).


I am fully trained in organizational development and change leadership (Georgetown U.) as well as ICF approved coaching (ACC) . I’m certified to administer assessments in emotional/social intelligence, and intercultural development, that lead to lasting cognitive shifts and actionable steps, resulting in improved self-management and self-compassion. 

I received certification in conflict management from Cornell U. and apply a restorative lens (as opposed to punitive) from my training at the University of San Diego Restorative Justice Certificate


I am also certified to develop and lead community building circles, an essential aspect of restorative justice, to help learners and faculty develop a person-centered care mindset founded on self compassion. Beginning 2024,  I will be certified by the Mindfulness Institute for Emerging Adults (MIEA) to provide their Introduction to Mindfulness four session training (virtual or in person).


Most importantly, I have a deep passion for healthcare education and the people who dedicate their lives to improving the training for healthcare students and the health outcomes for our patients.


Want to experience the expertise of PalattaSolutions for yourself?


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